I would highly recommend anyone with time to spare and willing to serve the community to join up.

“My name is Francis Indika Samarawickrema and I am a self-motivated person with a positive mindset. I have 7 Years of work experience in the field of ICT with a BSc. Degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Wolverhampton, UK.

I first got to know that V-Force provides opportunities for individuals to volunteer for various UN agencies and contributing their time and knowledge for events and project. I saw the great work that the UN has done for my country to achieve the sustainable development goals. As an individual I always strived to do what was good for society and I am always ready to give my time for this cause in the future as well. This made me interested in getting involved for future projects. I was offered the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for the “UNDP National Youth Dialogue” in last February.

My happiest and most memorable moment of volunteering would be at the National Youth Dialogue which was organized by the United Nations Development Programme. I got to work closely with the UNDP staff and a large group of V-Force volunteers. I have done multiple roles at the event from providing technical support, language translations and overall administration work with other volunteers. My work was acknowledged, and I received great feedback from the UNDP staff. I was also really impressed by the level of collaboration and dedication shown by the volunteers from different backgrounds across this beautiful island.
I would highly recommend anyone with time to spare and willing to serve the community to join up. This whole mission will easily provide you an experience of a lifetime. It is not just only about volunteering but also the opportunity to find out your strengths and weaknesses and sharpen your skills.”

Indika Samarawickrama – Volunteering for Graphic Design & Information Technology

Interested in joining V-Force?: https://goo.gl/qTsqRe

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